4 Fun Summer Events in Astoria

Monday, July 14, 2014

Astoria, Oregon is a historic town and a beautiful place to visit on the northern coast of Oregon. If you are visiting Astoria, the oldest American settlement that is located to the west of the Rocky Mountains, you can check out some of Astoria’s numerous summer events. Astoria provides historic locations, beautiful scenic views, and entertainment for the family. As you plan your Oregon vacations, consider visiting Astoria this summer.

Astoria Studio Tour 2014
Astoria and the northern coast of Oregon have a large art community. The Astoria Studio Tour 2014 will take place on July 26 and July 27. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., artists will allow visitors into their studios. If you visit the studios, you can see art that is based on features of Astoria, such as the Columbia River and the fishing, as well as art that is based on each individual artist’s lives. To learn more about the artists and their art, along with the Astoria community, attend the tour this summer. For great tips on how to arrange your tour, visit astoriastudios2014.org.

Clatsop County Fair
The 2014 Clatsop County Fair is an event with entertainment for the whole family. Visit the Clatsop County Fairgrounds from July 29 to August 2 for great entertainment. The schedule includes a petting zoo, a magician, dancers, bands, competitions, and acrobats. This year’s theme for the fair is “Ride the Tide to Fun.” Make sure to check out the great entertainment and events if you are in the Astoria area for your Oregon vacations.

Activities at the Lewis and Clark National Historic Park and Fort Clatsop
For a great educational tour by a ranger, join a Netul Trail guided walk near the Lewis and Clark River. You can learn about the river estuary, the wildlife by Fort Clatsop, and the history behind the river and the people who have lived near it. The guided walk takes place from June 23 to September 1 this year. If you are in the Astoria area this summer, make sure to check out this guided walk for an exciting and educational adventure. Other exciting summer events include guided kayak-canoe tours, Kid Corps with crafts and stories, and fort ranger programs. Visit the Lewis and Clark National Historic Park during your Oregon beach vacations.

2nd Saturday Art Walk
On the second Saturday of each month, there is a Second Saturday Art Walk in Astoria. If you are visiting Astoria during your Oregon vacations, you do not want to miss this event. It is held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Downtown businesses in Astoria display different types of art during this event, and the businesses also offer refreshments and entertainment. Businesses that have participated include art galleries and jewelry companies.

Contact Oregon Beach Vacations for more information on Astoria. We are ready to help you plan your Oregon vacations today. 

5 Best Lighthouses to Visit on the Oregon Coast

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Oregon Coast is home to many sentinels, and several of these lighthouses are open for visitors and tours. If you are planning Oregon vacations, make sure to schedule a trip to a lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Coast has a rich maritime history, and a trip to an Oregon Coast lighthouse is one you do not want to miss. More than 2.5 million people visit the state’s lighthouses annually. Check out some of the best lighthouses to visit during your Oregon beach vacations.

Cape Meares Lighthouse
The Cape Meares Lighthouse is a part of the Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint and National Wildlife Refuge. The Cape Meares Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1889, is the shortest lighthouse within the state. You can make a trip to the lighthouse between April and October. While visiting the quaint village of Cape Meares, visit the Cape Meares Lighthouse during your Oregon vacations.

Coquille River Lighthouse
You can visit the Coquille River Lighthouse from the middle of May to the middle of October. Learn about the area’s history while visiting the lighthouse and also visit the Bullards Beach access nearby. The lighthouse has been restored to be an interpretive center, and it has been continuously restored.

Umpqua River Lighthouse
The Douglas County Parks Department maintains the Umpqua River Lighthouse as well as the museum also located in the Umpua Lighthouse State Park. The lighthouse displays a unique red and white flash through its octagonal lens.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
You can find the state’s tallest lighthouse by Newport. The Yaquina Head Lighthouse consists of more than 370,000 bricks. The lighthouse, which has a total height of 93 feet, has been in operation since 1873. Check out this historic lighthouse, which is open throughout the year, during your Oregon beach vacations.  

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is another historic Oregon lighthouse. This lighthouse was restored in 1996 and is now open for visitors throughout the year except for holidays. This is a great place to visit to learn about Oregon’s history. The lighthouse is part of the Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site. It is a working lighthouse and serves for navigation purposes.

Lighthouses along the Oregon Coast are historic and important to the state’s maritime history. As you are you enjoying your Oregon beach vacations, make sure to look for these beautiful lighthouses and stop by for a visit. For more information on these sentinels, contact Oregon Beach Vacations. We are ready to help you plan your Oregon vacations. 

5 Best Places to Go Whale Watching on the Oregon Coast

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Whale watching is a popular activity on the Oregon Coast. It is especially popular during the gray whale migration periods. They gray whales head to the South during the middle of December and January after staying near Alaska. They then leave Baja California, Mexico starting from the end of March to June. People commonly search for the gray whales while whale watching near the Oregon Coast. You can go whale watching from different places such as the beach, a charter boat, or an airplane. If you plan on whale watching during your Oregon vacations, check out some of the best places to go!

Depoe Bay
Depoe Bay is a popular place to go for whale watching along the Oregon Coast. Depoe Bay has been called the “Whale Watching Capital of the Oregon Coast.” You can find the Oregon Parks and Recreation Whale Watching Center and scenic views in Depoe Bay. Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint is a great location within Depoe Bay. You can see a variety of birds including pelicans, grebes, and shearwaters. If you are on Oregon beach vacations during the winter migration or spring migration, you definitely want to check out this spot.

Ecola State Park
Ecola State Park is located to the north of Cannon Beach. You can see a historic lighthouse and a variety of wildlife by visiting Ecola State Park. The park’s trained volunteers host a great whale watching program during the winter migration and the spring migration periods. Check out the beautiful views at Ecola State Park during your Oregon vacations.

Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City
Whale watching is popular in Pacific City during the migration periods. Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City provides a high point for you to see the whales during your Oregon vacations. Bring your binoculars and check out this great spot! Other wildlife to see in Pacific City include sea lions, otters, and bald eagles.

Shore Acres State Park
Shore Acres State Park provides a great location with ocean views you must see during Oregon vacations. The park can be found near Coos Bay along the coast and is located on high sandstone cliffs. Make sure to visit the beautiful gardens within the park.

Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint
Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint is a beautiful place to visit during Oregon vacations. Look for the gray whales as well as for birds and sea lions from this viewpoint. The park is an ocean-front park that is located in Otter Rock.  

Other great locations to go whale watching include Face Rock Wayside State Scenic Viewpoint, Cape Foulweather, Sea Lion Caves Turnout, Cape Perpetua Overlook, and Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site.

Are you ready to go whale watching on your Oregon vacations? We are prepared to help you plan your whale watching adventure on the Oregon Coast. Contact Oregon Beach Vacations today to start planning a relaxing Oregon vacation!  

Watersports Activities on the Oregon Coast

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Oregon Coast offers many opportunities for watersports activities. If you and your families are preparing for Oregon beach vacations, consider trying some of the exciting watersports activities available on the coast. From kayaking and windsurfing to fishing and boating, try some of the many watersports available for you during your Oregon vacations.

The Oregon coast is a great place to go surfing. Visit key surf spots, such as Seaside Cove, Oceanside, and Indian Beach, to have a great surfing experience. You can also visit several state parks to go surfing. Many of these parks have features, which include web cams, for you to check the conditions. If you would like to learn to surf, visit local surf shops and start taking lessons.
The Oregon coast features many rivers, such as the Siletz River and the Nehalem River, for you to enjoy fishing on your Oregon vacations. Enjoy the beautiful rivers and the scenery in the state parks while fishing. Look for fish such as Chinook salmon, winter steelhead, and tuna. Go fishing on the coast, such as in Newport, and take a fishing trip. Based on the season, look for fish, such as tuna and salmon, while fishing on the coast of Oregon.  

You can take your family for an exciting kayaking adventure during Oregon vacations. Visit Kayak Tillamook County for guided tours of rivers, bays, estuaries, and more. Check out the Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge to join a kayak tour. You can learn about nature including the wildlife and the plants located in this refuge. No matter where you choose to go kayaking on the Oregon coast, you can enjoy the natural scenery on a fun adventure.

Stand Up Paddleboarding
You can try stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, while on your Oregon vacations. Surf shops can provide you with the equipment needed for your stand up paddleboarding experience. Take lessons or rent equipment to go stand up paddleboarding. State parks are a great place for stand up paddleboarding.

Many people go diving along the Oregon Coast. Check out shore diving sites, such as Lumber Dock and Wacoma Dock, to find crabs and enjoy the nature. You can also go scuba diving during your Oregon vacations. Go scuba diving on the coast and in freshwater lakes for a unique experience. Enjoy seeing wildlife, such as hermit crabs and black snapper, while exploring nature on your adventure.

The Oregon coast is home to many types of watersports. While enjoying your Oregon vacations, check out some of these exciting watersports with your family. You do not want to miss these experiences along the Oregon coast. 

Water Sports to Try While Visiting the Columbia River Gorge

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

If you are planning to stay in an Oregon vacation rental, make sure to schedule time for adventures at the Columbia River Gorge. The Columbia River Gorge is commonly known for its numerous recreational activities and water sports. While participating in these activities, explorers can take part in new adventures and enjoy the natural beauty of the Columbia River Gorge with its evergreen forests, beautiful waterfalls, and whitewater rivers. Oregon is an ideal location to see America’s fourth largest river. Many activities are available for you to join while visiting the Columbia River Gorge.

The Columbia River Gorge’s visitors commonly enjoy windsurfing. The conditions on the Gorge provide windsurfers with a unique experience because of the Gorge’s strong breezes and correct conditions for water sports. Visitors can choose the level of difficulty for windsurfing, so beginners or more experienced windsurfers can join the adventure.

Kayaking is also a popular activity on the Columbia River Gorge. The Gorge provides different types of river conditions, so those who are interested in kayaking on calmer waters or those who are more experienced can choose the right level. There are courses and tours available for those interested in learning how to kayak.

Kiteboarding is another great sport to try while visiting the Columbia River Gorge. Due to its wind tunnel and strong breezes, the river is a popular place for those interested in kiteboarding. If you would like to learn how to kiteboard, there are schools available for you to join a class.

Many visitors choose to go whitewater rafting. The whitewater rafting experience is a unique opportunity, especially because of the rivers traveling from the Cascade Mountains to the Columbia River Gorge. Visitors can choose the level of difficulty of the whitewater rafting adventure and can receive guidance while learning.

Boating and fishing are also great options while visiting the Columbia River. Many of the public parks provide access to boating and fishing. Check out the Marine Park at Cascade Locks and the Benson State Recreation Area to see beautiful waterfront parks. There are many great activities to join during the winter as well. Skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing are all popular among the Columbia River Gorge’s visitors.

The Columbia River Gorge offers a variety of watersports for those who are beginning to learn a new sport or those who have had more experience with watersports. While staying in an Oregon vacation rental by Oregon Beach Vacations, make sure to visit the Columbia River Gorge to see its unique features and to participate in many outdoor activities.  

Family-Friendly Activities Near Lincoln City

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Are you ready to explore the Oregon Coast on your  family vacation? There are many exciting activities in Lincoln City. Even if you are not staying in Lincoln City during your Oregon beach vacations, make sure to stop by and see what it has to offer to you and your family.

1. To learn how to create art glass, check out art studios such as the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio and Mor Art. Take other art classes as well, such as classes for painting and sculpture, in Lincoln City. 

2. For water activities with your family, go surfing, take stand up paddle boarding lessons, and try kayaking in Lincoln City.

3. Lincoln City is a great place to go hiking during your Oregon beach vacations, and you can often see scenic views of the coast. 

4. Lincoln City also has convenient bike trails. Take different routes for various sites and have a relaxing experience while biking and exploring in Lincoln City.

5. If you and your family want to learn how to cook certain dishes, join classes at the Culinary Center in Lincoln City. Many of the fruits and vegetables are local to Lincoln City. Fresh seafood will also be available for the classes.

6. To learn about the area’s history, visit the North Lincoln City Historical Museum. By visiting the museum, you and your family can learn about Lincoln City’s history, including the settlers and the industries in Lincoln City.

7. You can go horseback riding while in Lincoln City. Take trail rides while exploring the nature in Lincoln City.

8. Kite flying is another popular activity in Lincoln City. There are two major kite festivals in Lincoln City per year. Go kite flying with your family during your Oregon beach vacations.

9. You and your family can visit the beach and look for hand-blown glass floats. Look for these beautiful pieces of glass floats along the coast!

10. You can view wildlife while on your Oregon vacations. Look for birds, seals, and otters while visiting Lincoln City.

11. The All American Putt N Bat is another great place to visit with your family. Visit the mini-golf course for an exciting adventure on your Oregon vacations.

12. There are many shops to visit in Lincoln City. Shop in places such as boutiques, art galleries, and book stores in Lincoln City.

Lincoln City is one of the best places to experience your Oregon vacations. Contact Oregon Beach Vacations to learn more about this wonderful destination spot. Oregon Beach Vacations offers vacation rental homes in Lincoln City, and we are ready for you and your family to enjoy a fun and relaxing adventure in Lincoln City. 

6 State Parks to Visit on the Oregon Coastline

Monday, June 9, 2014

Oregon has more than 300 state parks, and the beaches of Oregon are beautiful sites to visit and enjoy. While you are on your Oregon beachvacation, make sure to visit a park to see wildlife, participate in recreational activities, and relax along the beach.  

1. McVay Rock State Recreation Site
If you are vacationing on the South Coast of Oregon, you should visit McVay Rock. This site has beach access, and there are many activities in which to participate. Activities include fishing, clamming, walking on the beach, picnicking, and seeing seabirds. If you want to see beautiful views of wildlife and the Pacific Ocean, consider stopping by the site. The site is accessible throughout the year.

2. Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site
The site at Arcadia Beach is located near Cannon Beach. Have a unique beach experience while relaxing on the shore. Have a picnic, fish, and take in the beautiful scenic views that the site offers. You can access the site throughout the year.

3. Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint
Face Rock is located near Bandon and is a great place to see marine wildlife and scenic views of the beach. You can also go hiking and fishing. Walk along a trail to the beach and enjoy relaxing on the coast. The park is open throughout the year.

4. Otter Point State Recreation Site
If you are interested in walking and hiking while seeing scenic views during your Oregon vacations, you should visit Otter Point. The site is located on the South Coast of Oregon. See the beautiful beaches, marine animals, and sandstone rock while visiting Otter Point. 

5. Cape Arago State Park
Cape Arago can be found on the South Coast of Oregon and is accessible throughout the year. Hike, fish, and relax along the coast while seeing wildlife. At this historic site, there are trails to see plants and animals such as seals. The trail is not accessible from March 1 to June 30 to allow the seal pups to be safer in the area. 

6. Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site
While on your Oregon Beach vacations, it is recommended you stop by the Neskowin site. Walk along the beach, shop or play golf in the town, and kayak by the Nestucca Bay. The park is accessible throughout the year and offers beautiful views and different activities for you to join.

The Oregon Coast offers many state parks that you can visit during your Oregon vacations. You do not want to miss seeing at least one of these beautiful parks during your stay on the Oregon Coast. From hiking and kayaking to fishing and picnicking, there are many activities available at the Oregon parks. Find one you would like to see and check it out during your stay!