Cooking schools on the coast

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Most people immediately think of outdoor activities when planning a trip to the beach, but if the weather doesn't cooperate, there are lots of indoor activities for every age group. One of them is cooking. Of course, everyone likes to eat, but some people don't know how to cook. Even if you are a foodie, there is always room to learn more. Cooking classes are offered in both Cannon Beach and Lincoln City. They teach everything from the culinary basics, to breadmaking, pasta making and pizza making. 

The school in Cannon Beach, EVOO, has dinner shows where they cook for you and show you how to prepare the meal. At the Lincoln City Culinary Center, they have 4 cookoff's a year, Jambalaya, Fish Taco, Wild Mushroom and Chowder. Both schools are popular and classes fill up fast. For more information go to: or
Bon Appétit!

Flavel House history

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Flavel House in Astoria is wonderful museum to visit. It was the home of Captain George Flavel, one of Astoria's most influential citizens in the late 1800s. Captain Flavel was a noted bar pilot on the Columbia River and a prominent businessman. His Queen Anne style house was designed by German-born architect Carl W. Leick and was completed in the spring of 1886. The Captain lived here for seven years with his wife Mary Christina Boelling and his two grown daughters, Nellie and Katie. The couple's son, George Conrad Flavel, never lived in his parent's new residence, as he was already married and living in a house of his own.

The house remained in the family until 1934 when George and Mary's great-granddaughter, Patricia Jean Flavel, gave the property to the city as a memorial to her family. In 1936 there was talk of tearing the house down and establishing an outdoor community park on the property. However, the city had financial difficulties and decided to return the property to Patricia Flavel. That same year the residence and grounds were deeded to Clatsop County with the understanding that both would be kept in good repair and used for public purposes. From 1937 through World War II, the Public Health Department, the Red Cross, and the local Welfare Commission all had offices in the house. In 1951, there was once again talk of tearing the house down, this time to make way for a parking lot for the County Courthouse. Locals organized to save the home and the Flavel House was made into a museum managed by the Clatsop County Historical Society, while still under the ownership of the County. The County transferred the title to the Historical Society in 1995.

Antiques on the Oregon Coast

Friday, January 31, 2014

In almost every community along the Oregon Coast, you’ll find antique stores full of heirlooms and collectibles. Antique malls are a popular way for a group of antique dealers to share the same building. You can browse through a wide variety of antiques without going outside in the rain. 

To celebrate all things antique, Lincoln City hosts Antique Week every February. It’s a ten-day long city-wide event with scavenger hunts, glass float drops, historical exhibits, appraisal events, sales and even a dance. This year the event is February 7-17th.  For more details on antique week go to

A birdwatching paradise

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities in the country. More than 450 different bird species have been spotted along the Oregon Coast.
A birding trail was created to help birdwatchers in their quest to see birds in their coastal habitats. The Birding Trail is a self-guided driving itinerary highlighting the premier locations for observing birds along the entire Oregon coast. The guide has great maps for each section of the coast. It also contains tips on birding ethics. Here is a link to the online version of the guide:  You can also order a printed version of the guide at the website link. 
Don’t forget to bring your binoculars!

Newport Seafood & Wine Festival

Friday, January 10, 2014

Since 1978 the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival has attracted visitors from around the world to the central Oregon coast. The event will be held this year Feb 20-23 at the South Beach marina in Newport. This is a premiere event not to be missed, but if you don’t like crowds, it’s not the place for you.   

The event has become so popular that general admission tickets are not sold on Saturday anymore. Standby tickets may be available after 1pm depending on capacity. Saturday’s entrance will be sold via E-Tickets ONLY. They will have two E-Ticket entrances to aid with the flow of the line. Be advised that many people arrive during peak hours (11am-3pm). Saturday e tickets are available online through this link:

Parking is available at the festival site for $5.00. Cab service is also available for a nominal fee. Please don’t drink and drive!

The best day to go is Sunday because the wineries sometimes have special pricing on wine. They would rather sell the wine than have to haul it back home. The crowds are usually a little thinner on Sunday as well. 
If you’re planning on going, book your vacation home early. This is a popular event and we fill up fast!