Hauntingly beautiful

The Oregon Coast has scads of haunted places. The old fire station in Astoria, the Heceta Head lighthouse, Terrible Tilly (the Tillamook Lighthouse), Fort Stevens in Astoria, the Gray Lady on the Siletz Highway, the Bandage Man of Cannon Beach….legends, tragic tales and revenge coming back from the spirit world to remind us of our own mortality.

Lincoln City has its share of ghosts and Halloween excitement. The Lincoln City Cultural Center is going to host a Halloween costume party for grown ups and the Dorchester House will be trick or treat central. The Historic Anchor Inn and the Tanger Mall are always great places for the little ones to safely get candy and slightly scared at the same time.

Lincoln City has its share of haunted places. There is a phantom schooner that can be seen sailing across Siletz Bay and up Schooner Creek. Schooner Creek is so named because, in the 1800’s, a schooner crossed the bar from the ocean into the bay and sailed up the creek to come to rest in the shallow water. No one was on board the vessel.

Local Native American tribes told early pioneers in our area that Devils Lake was home to monsters that took a whole canoe of warriors to the bottom of the lake and takes one soul a year from then on. The lake is named after the devil monsters that dwell therein.

The fire station next to Kenny’s IGA north is haunted by the ghost of a firefighter who had a heart attack in the 1950’s during a call. And I have heard tell that you shouldn’t play the organ on the second floor of the North Lincoln Historical Museum in Taft. That lovely old building used to house a fire station and we locals hear it’s haunted, too.

The Wildflower Grill, at the north end of Lincoln City, is haunted by a pleasant woman. It was a house that has been converted to a restaurant overlooking a wetlands area. Even if you don’t see the ghost, you can watch the ducks on the pond below your window-side table.

So bring your family to the Coast for something new this Halloween. Dress up like Jack Sparrow or Elvira at our Halloween parties; let the kids trick or treat someplace new, do some ghost hunting and get creeped out listening to our legends and tales. And, at twilight, park at Siletz Bay as the fog blurs the edges of reality and watch for the phantom schooner as it makes its way towards its final resting place in Schooner Creek.

For more information on Halloween parties and events in Lincoln City, go to http://www.oregoncoast.org/.

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