Only in Oregon

A long time ago, there was a beer commercial that I still
remember. I think it was for Blitz Weinhard or maybe it was Henry Weinhard’s.
It was for one of the Weinhard beers, anyway, which are brewed in Oregon.

The commercial showed an old-style Volkswagen Bug driving onto a rainy, windy beach. Four people piled out of the car, all of them bundled up in puffy down coats, scarves, stocking caps, mittens or gloves, heavy boots and jeans. They started tossing around a beach ball and began laughing and shouting in delight. Apparently, some of them were girls from the sound of giggling but you couldn’t tell due to the many layers of winter clothing. They all ran down to the waves and waded in. At the end of the commercial, as you watch the bundled people splashing and playing in the water, a narrator with a deep, earthy voice says,” “Only in Oregon.”

Coastal Oregonians are tough. We don’t carry umbrellas. We wear many layers of clothes in order to strip off or add on depending on the weather, which can change in 10 minutes. We drive to work in hurricane force winds, carry chain saws in our vehicles to clear the road when trees go down and power outages are a way of life. During our snow/hail/rain/wind storms with 70 mph winds last week, my husband and I lost power for a whole day. No problem. Chinook Winds Casino always has power and hot food. And we have natural gas powered heat and hot water, so we didn’t do without any basics.

It saddens me when we have visitors who don’t appreciate the wild variety of weather at the beach. That’s part of the adventure! I was at the grocery store the day after our power came back on and stood in line behind someone who was complaining about how they lost power for a few hours and it “totally ruined” their vacation. I didn’t say anything but thought that atleast they got to experience the wild weather at the beach instead of being at their desk in their climate controlled office unable to do any work because their computer was down. At least here, they have a fantastic display of wild water as storms whip the ocean into a frenzy. Storm watching is awesome!

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your beach adventure in case the power goes out:
1) Always bring flashlights with fresh batteries.
2) Have bottled water with you.
3) Bring a board game, a deck of cards or some form of entertainment that doesn’t require technology.
4) Consider it an adventure instead of an inconvenience. With this attitude, you will find new (and old) ways to entertain yourself, you will discover new places and people and you will have a real adventure instead of something properly planned and predictable.
5) Make sure that you have half a tank of gas in your car when you get here. Gas pumps don’t work if the power is out.
6) In Lincoln City, we have generators at strategic locations throughout town. The City Hall/Library/Price and Pride grocery store will function just fine, as will our Community Center and Chinook Winds Casino. The Community Center has a rock climbing wall, swimming pool and waterslide and a full gym and work out areas. The casino has a great buffet, gaming, concerts, bingo and much more. Our library is an excellent facility and Price and Pride has hot deli food. Light, warmth, hot food and entertainment…the basics.

March in Oregon brings unpredictable weather, here at the Coast and inland. It’s much more fun and exciting here! Make the most of our wild weather and prepare for an adventure instead of an inconvenience. It’s your vacation…only in Oregon.

(Photo credit, Joy Wilson. High winds vs. the Snowman)

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