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Teach a man to fish….

…..and he will thank you for taking him to the Coast! Oregon’s coastline is flooded with rivers (literally!) and each one of them has some of the best fishing you can possibly imagine. Add in Oregon’s bays and the ocean and you have unlimited opportunity to try your hand at one of mankind’s favorite pastimes.

Whether you’re fishing for trout, sturgeon, steelhead, chinook, flounder, halibut, rockfish or cod, Oregon’s coastal rivers, bays and oceans have it all. Wild and hatchery fish are available in the rivers. Whether you are a fly fisher or an angler, our rivers will not only give you dinner, but will also give you some of the most beautiful scenery possible.

Fish the mouth of the Columbiafor sturgeon, salmon of all varieties and ocean denizens. The Wilson, Necanicum, Nehalem, Tillamook, Trask, Salmon, Siletz and Alsea rivers all empty into bays that are also veritable supermarkets of seafood. The Nehalem, Tillamook, Siletz and Alsea bays offer fantastic opportunities for crabbing, clamming, oysters and sport fishing.

And don’t forget the crawdads! Our coastal rivers are loaded with these little freshwater lobsters. Catch some and add them to your homemade cioppino. Or just cook ‘em up and slather on the garlic butter and lemon juice.

Don’t downplay the sporting opportunities of surf fishing. Standing in the surf up to your knees and pulling in a flounder or rockfish makes for a great meal over a campfire on the beach. And the seagulls will be more than happy to clean up after you’ve cleaned and gutted your catch.

Want something a little bigger? Catch a charter fishing boat out of Astoria, Tillamook or Garibaldi, Depoe Bay, Newport or Waldport. This isn’t “dude ranch” style fishing where the boat’s crew does all the work…you can catch what you are capable of catching or choose to let the crewman bait your hook if you are of more delicate sensibilities. If you want to clean and fillet your catch all by yourself or let one of the pros do it, that’s up to you. Once out at sea you can pull up rockfish, cod, flounder, snapper, halibut, salmon, even tuna if you go out far enough.

Fishing is the quintessential summertime activity. So load up your tackle box, pick up some fresh worms or shrimp at one of our grocery stores and bring the boat. It’s summer time, the living is easy and the fish are biting.

Check out http://www.dfw.state.or.usfor regulations, licensing, tips and photos. Go to more opportunities for a great catch.

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Water, water everywhere

The Lincoln City area has more water than we know what to do with. And we would love to share it with you! Lincoln City is situated between the Salmon River to the north, the Siletz River and Siletz Bay to the south and Devils Lake smack dab in the middle so Lincoln City is your water sports destination.

Kayaking on Siletz River and in the Siletz Wildlife Refuge. Parasailing on Siletz Bay. Fishing in the Salmon River. Jet skiing and boating on Devils Lake. Canoeing, crabbing, clamming, or just sitting on a dock in Devils Lake and watching the ducks while you dangle your feet in the water. And if that’s not enough we even have an ocean, so bring your surfboard or boogie board. Don’t have one? That’s OK because you can rent one when you get here and even take surfing classes.

There is fantastic charter fishing and whale watching just south of Lincoln City in Depoe Bay. Get up close and personal with the giants of the deep or catch the limit on ocean fresh halibut, cod, salmon, crab, rockfish and more.

And since it does rain here occasionally, we even have indoor water. Check out our fantastic waterslide and pool at the Lincoln City Community Center. Family swimming, lap swimming, aqua aerobics, a great spa and enough room for everyone. Visit to see all the other fun things to do at our Community Center. It’s the perfect place to play in the water without the boats, boards and buoys.

Once you’re done with your water adventures, kick back on your oceanfront deck for the evening and watch the sun set into the ocean. Come see why those of us who are lucky enough to live here are so exited about showing it off to everyone else.

(Photography credit: Denise Johnson)